Hyde Church of England Primary School

Our Values

At Hyde School we promote Christian values within a caring, reflective, family atmosphere so that purposeful teaching and learning takes place and everyone is encouraged to develop their full potential. 

We are committed to nurturing, challenging and inspiring children within a high quality learning environment in which everyone is valued equally so that every pupil leaves us with the skills, self-confidence and attitudes required to thrive in their future. In this way we can help every child to become the best that they can be.

We aim for our children to:

  • become curious, independent, life-long learners with lively, enquiring minds
  • enjoy a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to contemporary society, meets their  individual needs and enables them to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable
  • become spiritually aware, developing a sense of moral responsibility, self-discipline and purpose
  • be sensitive to the needs of others’ feelings, ideas, beliefs and achievements, whilst valuing their own so they can participate in society with confidence both now and in the future

Learning Values

In order to help children take greater responsibility for their learning we teach children how to learn as well as focussing on what they learn. We have developed a set of learning behaviours which help the children face a range of challenges both academic and within the wider world

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Independence
  • Reflection
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

Together with the children we have chosen six animals to represent these values.

Learning Value Animals.jpg

Click here to find out more: Learning Values Booklet

British Values Statement

At Hyde CE Primary School we support and actively promote the fundamental British Values of

  • democracy,
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 

We have a broad and balanced curriculum that allows children to have an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process; an appreciation that living under the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety; and an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold faiths and beliefs is protected in law.

We promote these values through:

  • A caring family environment where everyone is valued equally
  • A positive behaviour policy which, together with children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, underpins life at our school
  • Developing children’s experience of having the freedom to make choices and also of accepting the consequences of their actions
  • Encouraging all children to be sensitive to the needs of others by developing their  self-discipline and understanding that we all need to abide by the same rules
  • An acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour
  • An understanding of the importance of identifying and combating discrimination
  • Our RE curriculum
  • Close links with local charities that are working with children and schools in Bulgaria and India
  • The celebration of different faiths and cultures
  • Opportunities to share ideas and viewpoints whilst listening to those of others through Philosophy for Children and Circle Time
  • Working across year groups when we are participating in team activities
  • A broad and balanced curriculum that enables children to understand civic responsibility, elements of democracy,  rules and laws, equality, the monarchy, values and virtues and environmental awareness
  • A school council elected by children through a democratic process

Where individuals, (pupils, staff or parents), express opinions which are contrary to these British Values they will be actively challenged.  This includes extremist views.


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Hyde CE Primary School is now open to children from Reception and Year 6 and also to children of key workers.